UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

Ireland (CEDAW 09-03-2017)

The Committee considered the combined sixth and seventh periodic reports of Ireland (CEDAW/C/IRL/6-7) at its 1474th and 1475th meetings (see CEDAW/C/SR.1474 and 1475), held on 15 February 2017.

Concluding observations

D. Principal areas of concern and recommendations

Stereotypes and harmful practices

  1. The Committee welcomes the State party’s efforts to combat discriminatory gender stereotypes and harmful practices such as female genital mutilation following the adoption of the Criminal Justice (Female Genital Mutilation) Act in April 2012. The Committee is, however, concerned that:

(a) Discriminatory stereotypes concerning the roles and responsibilities of women and men in the family and in society persist in the State party;

(b) Medically irreversible and unnecessary sex assignment surgery and other treatments are reportedly performed on intersex children.

  1. The Committee recommends that the State party:                                        

(a) Adopt a comprehensive strategy to eliminate discriminatory stereotypes on the roles and responsibilities of women and men in the family and in society, which should include a monitoring mechanism to assess the impact of the measures taken and design remedial action;                                   

(b) Develop and implement an appropriate rights-based health-care protocol for intersex children, which ensures that children and their parents are properly informed of all options and that children are, to the greatest extent possible, involved in decision-making about medical interventions and that their choices are fully respected.

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