UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

Germany (CEDAW 10-02-2009)

The Committee considered the sixth periodic report of Germany (CEDAW/C/DEU/6) at its 879th and 880th meetings, on 2 February 2009 (see CEDAW/C/SR.879 and 880). The Committee’s list of issues and questions is contained in CEDAW/C/DEU/Q/6 and the responses of the Government of Germany are contained in CEDAW/C/DEU/Q/6/Add.1.

Concluding observations

Cooperation with non-governmental organizations

  1. The Committee notes with satisfaction the cooperation of the State party with civil society organizations, particularly women’s organizations, which is mostly achieved through government cooperation with such organizations on specific programmes and projects. The Committee regrets, however, that the call for dialogue by non-governmental organizations of intersexual and transsexual people has not been favourably entertained by the State party.
  2. The Committee request the State party to enter into dialogue with non-governmental organizations of intersexual and transsexual people in order to better understand their claims and to take effective action to protect their human rights.
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