South Africa (CRC 27-10-2016) - The Committee considered the second periodic report of South Africa (CRC/C/ZAF/2) at its 2141st and 2142nd meetings (see CRC/C/SR.2141 and 2142), held on 19 September 2016, and adopted the present concluding observations at its 2160th meeting (see CRC/C/SR.2160), held on 30 September 2016.


South Africa (CCPR 27-04-2016) - The Committee considered the initial report of South Africa (CCPR/C/ZAF/1) at its 3234th and 3235th meetings (CCPR/C/SR.3234 and 3235), held on 7 and 8 March 2016. At its 3258th meeting, held on 23 March 2016, it adopted the present concluding observations.

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