Benen en schaduwen van vijf personen in tegenlicht.


NNID Foundation

Employees and the board of the NNID Foundation are committed to the equality and empowerment of intersex people. This is based on generally recognised human rights:

  • Intersex rights are human rights.
  • Human rights are universal; they apply to every human being.
  • Human rights are inalienable; they apply at all times and under all circumstances.
  • Human rights are indivisible; they must be fully respected.
  • Human rights are interdependent; they cannot be considered separately.

Violation of human rights is a violation of human dignity.1 Our vision is described in detail in ‘Our values’ which are part of the editorial statute.

Our team

You wouldn’t say it when you look at the pictures, but our small team offers more diversity than you may think. If you feel you can contribute to NNID yourself, please let us know by sending a short description of yourself and your work experience to We will send you an email if a relevant position becomes available.

By clicking on the names below, you can learn more about NNID’s staff.

Miriam van der Have

Executive Director

Miriam van der Have (she/her) is director of the NNID Foundation. She has been working for 20 years on improving the position of intersex people in society. Since 2013 she has been working for the NNID Foundation. In addition to her work for NNID, Miriam is co-chair of Organisation Intersex International Europe (OII Europe) and was a board member of ILGA World for the ILGA Intersex Secretariat from December 2016 to March 2019. In 2013, Miriam was one of the 34 authors of the Malta Statement, the concluding statement of the Third Intersex International Forum. She co-authored NGO reports for CEDAW, CaT, UPR, and CRC. Miriam has worked as an entrepreneur, journalist, photographer, and publisher. As a human rights defender, she has extensive experience in dealing with the media. Together with her partner, Miriam has two daughters and lives in Nijmegen.

Saskia de Jong

Finance & HR

At the NNID Foundation, Saskia de Jong (she/her) is responsible for Finance & Personnel, and also runs the secretariat. Saskia is co-founder of the NNID Foundation and enjoys the challenge of growing both the NNID’s activities and its team in a responsible manner. Saskia has more than 35 years of experience in financial management and staffing, first as a manager for a national training centre and since early 2013 at NNID Foundation. Saskia has two daughters and two dogs. In her free time she is the manager of a Facebook group with 800 friends of the beautiful park behind the office of NNID. Furthermore, she likes to walk outside with the dogs and loves to cook and eat in good company.

Annelies Tukker

International Policy

Annelies Tukker (she/they/them) is a policy officer at the NNID Foundation. She works on the international cooperation of intersex organisations and supports these organisations in drafting and submitting NGO reports to the United Nations. In addition, she is actively committed to the visibility of intersex people. In the Netherlands she has given numerous presentations on intersex to national and international students, educators, employers/employees, and governments. Annelies graduated cum laude from Utrecht University with a research master’s degree in history, specializing in socio-economic history and gender. Previously she worked as a historian at the University of Utrecht. In her free time Annelies enjoys dancing, painting and vegan food.

Bente Keulen

Domestic Policy

Bente Keulen (she/they/them) is a policy officer at NNID. During her studies in political science, she specialised in human rights issues. In addition to her studies, she gained experience as a volunteer coordinator of the Education Team of COC Regio Nijmegen. As a policy officer, she deals with intersex policy at national and local level. She mainly works on responses to current policy issues and contributes to (international) reports. Bente lives together with her partner in Nijmegen, but has not lost her Limburg roots. She likes to celebrate carnival and loves a good piece of Limburg flan.

Myrthe Reijmer

Communications & PR

Myrthe Reijmer (she/her) is a communications officer at NNID. She is responsible for writing opinion pieces, organizing (digital) events and developing an international information platform on intersex and sex diversity. At NNID, she has also researched how lgbti in general and intersex and sex diversity in particular is addressed in secondary education. With this background she advises publishers and knowledge centers where needed. Myrthe graduated from the Master Anthropology and Development studies, a study that among other things addresses social problems and diversity issues. Myrthe has traded her birthplace in the Achterhoek for the beautiful city of Nijmegen. In her spare time she enjoys mountain biking and rollerblading, and she loves good food.